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Party Collection

by The New Norm

We transform party cups and ocean plastics into sustainable fabric.

Over 90% of plastics are not recycled globally. The New Norm addresses this issue head-on. We specifically target plastics that are not commonly recycled in our existing infrastructure and transform them into sustainable, wearable fabric.

The Party Sweater & Party Beanie are Made in the US | 3D Knit | Made from recycled materials | Zero water used in our entire process | Dyed naturally by recycled Party Cups | Made with filament yarns to prevent fiber shedding | Party Proof

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How it's Made


We developed ALMARAE® to combat ocean plastic pollution. By transforming reclaimed plastics into yarns and fabrics, we are helping to keep our oceans clean and building a more circular economy. ALMARAE® is made from sustainably sourced materials certified by Global Recycled Standard and Zero Plastic Oceans. 

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